About Environ

Environ Skin Care was founded over 30 years ago by world-renowned doctor, surgeon, and scientist Dr. Des Fernandes. Dr. Des discovered the key ingredient in Environ, Vitamin A, and realized the crucial role it plays in maintaining healthy and radiant skin. With daily exposure to the sun and environmental factors, our skin can lose essential nutrients and antioxidants, which is where Environ comes in.
Environ provides a scientifically proven, vitamin-based skincare system that counters the damaging effects of the environment, pollution, and stress to help achieve a visibly improved, radiant complexion. The products are designed to correct the chronic lack of vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients in the skin, resulting in a beautiful complexion for a lifetime. Originally created for Dr. Des’s patients, Environ was later made available to the general public due to popular demand.

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