Do you sometimes feel that waxing affects your skin? Does it give your skin redness and a non-stop burning sensation?

You aren’t alone! Waxing does that to almost everyone, especially those with sensitive skin!

But they still do it because this is an essential body treatment that removes any unwanted hair from different parts of the body.

Visiting a professional waxing salon centre will help you to undergo a remarkable waxing treatment. 

Waxing Tips

If you are undergoing waxing for the first time, it’s quite natural to have redness and even itching. Sometimes you might even burn your skin.

Right through this guide, we will explain to you some rules and essential waxing tips that you should follow for the best possible experience. 

But first, let’s see why waxing is essential. 

What are the General Benefits of Waxing?

There are countless benefits of waxing to give your body the ultimate experience.

Below are a few significant benefits you should know about:

    • It gives your skin smooth and even results. This is one of the great benefits of having waxing where it gives your skin an utterly soft effect.
    • It is not just responsible for removing unwanted hairs but will also give your skin freedom from dead or dry skin cells. This is a significant benefit of waxing for a healthy body.
    • You won’t be facing any bruises or cuts on your body during waxing. Facing scars or any bleeding is not possible in waxing.
    • Waxing will help you to remove all sorts of unwanted hairs from the roots. Shaving, in comparison, will leave your skin abrasive and rough. 
    • Plus, it is 100% allergy free and does not give your skin any irritation. The process is based on minimal chemicals that are not at all harmful to the skin. 
    • Lastly, you will experience a slow re-growth of your hair. It will probably take almost six weeks for the new hairs to grow on your body.

Hair Waxing

A Quick Guide on Different Types of Waxing

There are different types of waxing, which are divided according to its preparation texture and skin type.

Below is the list of few basic types for you to pick now:

Hot Wax

To do hot wax, you have to; first of all, get your wax heated at moderate temperature. The therapist uses a pot or microwave to melt it.

For a straightforward application of hot wax, use waxing strips or a flat applicator. It can easily be spread on the whole skin and will smoothly remove thin hairs. 

In the hot wax, the beauty therapist will apply some oil over the skin; so that the wax can get itself stick to the hairs but not on the skin. This will cause less irritation for the skin, and you can reapply it a maximum of four times.

With the help of this wax, you can easily have your hair pulled out from the roots without any harmful effects on the skin. It has been ideal for different uses in a similar area. 

This wax is perfect for ladies who are having sensitive skin. You can use it on any part of your body. You need to peel it off. It is best to be used for sensitive areas like underarms, intimate areas, or the face.

Strip Wax

Strip wax is one such wax type in which hairs are removed with a piece of paper. It is not just accountable to pull off the hairs but even removes the dead skin layer. You can reapply it twice times maximum.

It is recommended to be used over the body’s less sensitive areas such as the back, legs, and arms. To have a pampering and luxurious waxing experience, you can opt for strip waxing as the best option for you. 

It is made from some natural ingredients of glycerin and almond oil. As compared to different other waxes, it is affordable to buy.

Strip Wax

10 Tips to Follow for your Best Waxing Experience

A wish to have hairless skin drives back to ancient times. This is one such trend that will never be going out of fashion.

To easily get rid of long-lasting hair removal, you can better put yourself in the experience of waxing. In the starting stages, it might bring a little discomfort for you. But you can relax your body against that specific discomfort with the help of a few basic tips.

Below we have shared ten tips which will make your whole waxing experience great and relaxing:

1. Search for an Experienced and Qualified Professional

You should always search for someone who thoroughly knows all the aspects and perform each step with care. That professional has to be passionate about their work and must have performed so many treatments before.

A qualified expert has professional training. They make sure they are using high-quality waxing products and not the ordinary one.

There is a considerable difference between the best quality and cheap quality products. Inferior products will give your skin a feeling of itchiness, redness, or burning at some point in time.

To have an excellent experience, a professional will, first of all, examine your whole body to figure out the sensitive areas and any cuts, or moles, etc.

Professional Waxing

2. Out of Period

Waxing is, although not completely painless, is one such thing from which you don’t need to be afraid. Normally women are very much sensitive before their period.

They avoid interacting with people and don’t even prefer to do waxing treatment. This is normal, and there is no harm in it.

But if in case you are not sensitive, then you are free to do waxing either before the periods or even during the period days as well. It completely depends on your personal preferences and body requirements.

waxing out of periods

3. Hair Length

In any waxing treatment, hair length plays an important role. But you don’t need to grow your hairs long enough just to experience the waxing.

To have the best and smooth experience, you should grow your hair to a length of at least 2mm.

4. Prep your whole Skin

Before going wax, giving your skin, excellent preparation is important. You should never opt for wax treatment if you have dry or itchy skin because it can cause extra damage.

You should apply thick body lotion for better skin preparation, at least for a couple of days. Avoid applying it on the treatment day as it can build a barrier on the skin.

5. Decide your Specific Areas

Before you visit any waxing salon, make sure you know about those specific areas of the body that require immediate waxing treatment.

A waxing salon is not having free time to ask you questions about your waxing areas. You should let the professional know about the areas which require waxing.

waxing your specific areas

6. Contradictions

There are a few necessary restrictions, cautions, and contradictions that you need to follow before the treatment of waxing. If you are not sure about it, do ask your therapist for better guidance.

Taking a Roaccutane is a big no when it comes to waxing treatment. Avoid if you are taking this medication.

7. Distraction

If you feel that waxing treatment can be painful for you, it is better to put yourself into some distraction. You can read any book or listen to your favourite music at the time of waxing treatment.

Wax Treatment

8. Use Some Aftercare Guidelines

You should never overlook using aftercare products once you are done with the waxing treatment. Make sure you don’t scratch the waxing area or touch it. Avoid using any tanning product in that area.

The therapist will do everything to calm down your skin. You should not be doing anything which can possibly irritate your whole skin. Do not use a sauna, bath, and avoid exercise for a small-time period.

9. Garments

Wearing loose and unfitted clothing is extremely important after waxing treatment. Fitted and tight clothes can ruin your whole experience and cause you extra itchiness over the skin.

Wearing fitted or tight clothes will cause itchiness, redness, and a feeling of burning. All professional therapists will advise you over this tip in the starting days.

Waxing tips

10. Avoid using a razor

Once you are done with the treatment and start noticing minor hair growth after three weeks, make sure you avoid using a razor. Using a razor to remove small unwanted hairs is a big mistake and a big “NO.

Using a razor will encourage the maximum and thick texture of hair growth. After using a razor, the first wax will be more painful.

Avoid Razor

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So, this was a quick guide about how you can enjoy a perfect and best waxing experience by following a few helpful tips. The tips mentioned above are quite essential and straightforward to follow for an even and smooth experience.

After following our shared tips, we are sure that your entire waxing hair removal experience will become incredible and worth sharing.